29 October 2008

The Women’s Movement is the Key to Change

Kompas - September 29, 2008

Zely Ariane

... although legislation represents an important
start, its role cannot be more than just a
beginning. It is political reform that will continue
to be sustainable and must be complimented by
economic, social and cultural reforms -- as a
comprehensive approach for problems that are
likewise comprehensive
.” (Sarah Wagner, in Feminism
Changes Society, the Women’s Liberation Struggle in
the Venezuelan Bolivarian Revolution)

One more legal umbrella has been
added for the advancement of women in Indonesia. Law
Number 2/2008 on Political Parties, which bolsters
the political opportunities for women to take part
in thinking about the direction of the country and
the advance of its people.

The broadening of space for gender mainstreaming has
been realised, but it should not just be restricted
to formal equality in political, professional and
academic circles. It also demands the distribution
of economic justice for women who are poor,
dignified employment and improving knowledge, as
well as affordable, easy and quality education so
that women are no longer just become a reserve of
votes in the name of women representation in

The 30 percent figure is the minimum limit that has
been agreed to internationally to promote women’s
representation in both parliament as well as public
positions. The campaign for this quota is a form of
the continuing struggle by women following the
achievement of demands for women’s right to vote in
the early 20th Century.