22 January 2009

Time for the Palestinian people to unit under a third Intifada

Union for the Politics of the Poor (PPRM) Statement
- January 3, 2009

By Zely Ariane

In July 2008, Barrack Obama, now the United State’s
new president elect said: “If someone launches a
rocket at my home while my two sons are sleeping,
then I would make every effort to put an end to
them, and I hope that the Israeli people would also
do the same” (www.Solidarity-US.org).

On December 27, Obama’s hopes were realised through
an Israeli air attack that totally obliterated Gaza
and killed at least 280 people. Without pause, the
every effort referred to by Obama was demonstrated
by Israeli troops with the fruits of their success
being at least 429 dead and 2,000 others wounded.
United Nations representatives added that more than
half of those killed were civilians, while there
were at least four who died on the Israeli side
(Detik.com). Obama, up until this was written, has
failed to utter a single word.

8 January 2009

Commemorating 60 years of the International Declaration of Human Rights

Oppose the 2009 elections of the political elite – an election of the human rights violators, capitalists, corruptors and opportunist!

It has been 60 years since the International Declaration of Human Rights, and on every December 10, people throughout the world commemorate the event and demand that their governments fully address all human rights violations, without exception.

In Indonesia, the problem of human rights violations will never be resolved because it has its roots in three principle obstacles, that are still deeply implanted: the ruminants of the old forces (the Golkar party as a manifestation of Suharto’s New Order regime); the military (TNI) and the territorial commands(1) and their controlling structures: (the Regional Military Commands (Kodam), Sub-Regional Military Command (Korem), the Sub-District Military Commands (Koramil) and Non-commissioned military officer posted in villages and wards (Babinsa); and the fake reformists who are cowards and will not stand up to the military.

Yet the ordinary Indonesian people and human rights activists have never taken a break from the struggle in the form of various demands, actions and legal mechanisms; continuing to demand that the government uphold justice for the ordinary people whose human rights have abused and for the perpetrators to be punished. By way of example, since 2007 the Solidarity Network for Victims and Families of Victims (JSKKK) has held no less then 88 actions every Thursday in front of the State Palace – pressure that has only so far recently succeeded in resolving the 2004 assassination of human rights activist Munir (with disenchantment over the results because they are felt to be unjust).