19 December 2008

Yogyakarta activists, women workers commemorate Human Rights Day

Detik/Tempo Interactive - December 10, 2008

Yogyakarta -- Hundreds of students and non-
government organisation activists in the Central
Java city of Yogyakarta took to the streets on
December 10 to commemorate Human Rights Day. They
also demanded that the government revoke a joint
ministerial decree (SKB-4) limiting wage rises to
economic growth and end to the exploitation of women

Despite drizzling rain throughout most of the day,
actions were held at a number of locations and
shopping centres in different parts of the city. The
first action was carried out by scores of women
activists from the We Can Campaign Indonesia
alliance at the Serangan Oemoem (SO) March 1 Plaza
Monument. The second action was held by the United
People’s Committee (KRB) at the Yogyakarta Monument.

During the action at the Plaza Monument, which was
joined by women workers, some of which brought
children and infants, they unfurled banners with
messages such as “Stop violence against women”,
“Oppose the exploitation of workers”, “Fight for
women’s rights”, “Oppose and revoke the SKB-4” and
“Nationalise foreign assets”. The protesters also
sung patriotic songs such as “For You My Nation”,
“Mother Kartini” and “Struggle of Blood”.

2 December 2008

Defeat the evil solutions by SBY - JK's regime

Defeat the evil solutions by SBY - JK's regime
(Buyback, Bailout, 9.5% Interest of Bank of Indonesia, 0% Number of CPO, SKB 4 of Ministers)!
Overthrow the Government of colonial agent; Change it into the Governance of Poors' Alliances!

Viva Liberation!

There is no democracy and peace in Indonesia, under the government of colonial agents (SBY - JK, the DPR / MPR, the elitists, the pro-imperialist political parties, and the military) within the capitalist economic system! That there are bankrupt companies, mass lay-offs, and very expensive price of fuels and primary materials.

Neoliberalism (Free Market), which is considered as a "panacea" from the global economic crisis and social gaps in post-crisis 1997, is in fact cannot realise its sweet promises that often campaigned by the pro-neoliberal economy supporters. Since the sign through Letter Of Intent due to the end of Soeharto's regime, it continues to be refined by the latter governments; Habibie, Megawati, Gusdur, and the SBY-Kalla with various regulations, but no "beautiful" dream of the so-called Trickle Down Effects is visible. The valley of poverty goes deeper.