25 October 2010

Protesters call out SBY on graft, rights, jobs, prices

National action on the failure of imperialist government and state, 20 October 2010. 
 These kind of actions were spreading out in many big cities in Indonesia. 
Here are some protest actions happening in several cities where we invloved and initiated.

Jakarta. KONTRAS 20 Oktober 2010

The banner is showed Indonesian map with TNC/MNC domination.
It said: "The power of Capitalists in Indonesia should be resisted through the unity of people struggle."
Jakarta. Joint Action Committe.
Jakarta. Joint Action Commitee
The banner said: "Not SBY-Boediono, Ministerial Resuffle or Political Elites; But Democracy and Welfare under People Power."
Adi Wibowo (centre) in front of Presidential Palace
The poster said: "Not SBY-Boediono, Ministerial Resuffle or Political Elites; But the unity of movement for Decent Wages."

Jakarta Globe - October 20, 2010

Bilhuda Haryanto, Jakarta -- High commodity prices, job insecurity, weak 
law enforcement and unresolved human rights issues were just some of the 
grievances aired on the capital's streets on Wednesday as hundreds of 
protesters braved the rain to have their say.

The demonstrations, concentrated outside the Presidential Palace in Central 
Jakarta, were held to mark the first anniversary of President Susilo 
Bambang Yudhoyono beginning his second term.
Rudi Daman, from the People's Defender Front, said that in the year since 
Yudhoyono and Vice President Boediono had taken office, the government had 
failed to fulfill people's basic needs.

"The government has been unable to keep agricultural commodity prices from 
spiraling out of control," he said. "The fate of workers remains uncertain 
as well because of the contract system and massive outsourcing, while their 
wages become worthless as a result of the price increases."

The group also accused the Yudhoyono administration of failing to create 
enough jobs, especially for the poor. "Today's government is nothing more 
but a bunch of minions for multinational corporations," Rudi said.

Several organizations took part in Wednesday's protests, including the 
Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras).

Kontras ran its protest on the theme of "Anti-Amnesia," in which it called 
on the government to address outstanding human rights abuse cases, 
including the shooting of unarmed student demonstrators in 1998, which led 
to the downfall of Suharto. "We held an 'amnesia market' to reflect how 
forgetful Indonesia's cabinet is," Kontras official Yanti Andirani said.

"To date, we haven't seen any real solutions from the government to many 
national issues regarding human rights. We want to send a message to 
Yudhoyono: Please stop the indifference and ignorance toward human rights 

Yanti also criticized the government over a plan to name Suharto a national 
hero, and said it had forgotten the dictator's "terrible damage" to the 

Other protesters called for longer prison terms for corruption convicts, as 
well as better law enforcement to prevent graft in the first place.

Another group said a cabinet reshuffle would be meaningless unless the 
government could properly address social issues. "What we need is clearer 
enforcement of the policies on people's prosperity," said Adi Wibowo, from 
a group representing workers and university students.

"We've only seen failures this year from the Yudhoyono cabinet. It has 
failed to guarantee our prosperity or enforce laws protecting human rights 
and eradicating corruption."

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