30 January 2011

Papuan protesters say special autonomy has failed

28 Januari 2011 <http://suaramerdeka.com/v1/index.php/read/news/2011/01/28/76541/Otonomi-Khusus-Papua-Gagal>

Yogyakarta -- The special autonomy that has been in effect in Papua since 2001 is not working in accordance the hopes of the indigenous people there. There are still many infringements and even human rights violations. As a consequence, there has been no development and indigenous people have never enjoyed the produce of the land of their birth.

This view was expressed when Papuan demonstrators took to the streets of the Central Java city of Yogyakarta on Thursday January 27. The protesters from the Anti-Colonial Movement (Ganja) marched through Jl. Malioboro in the city center then ended the action at the central post office intersection.During the protest action, several people gave speeches criticising the government. "Special autonomy has not worked in accordance with the Papuan people's hopes. Communities remain trapped in poverty yet our region is rich in natural resources. It's all for foreigners", asserted action coordinator Leczhy Degey to the agreement of his friends.

Leczhy said that the government, in this case the Home Affairs Minister, has been unable to fulfill the promises that were embodied in the recommendations made by the Papua People's Council (MRP). These recommendations, which included among other things improving the people's welfare and free education, have never been realised.

The Papuan people feel that the central government has manipulated them because it never realises its promises and, moreover, the people's demands are never met. Because of this therefore, Leczhy through Ganja is urging the government to immediately realise its promises and give democratic freedom to the people of Papua. (Agung Priyo Wicaksono/CN14/JBSM)

Papuan protesters call on government to implement MRP recommendations

KRjogja.com - January 27, 2011

Ganja Tuntut Mendagri Penuhi Rekomendasi MRP - KRjogja.com. Kamis, 27 Januari 2011 <http://www.krjogja.com/news/detail/68219/Ganja.Tuntut.Mendagri.Penuhi.Rekomendasi.MRP.html>

Yogyakarta -- A group of Papuans in the Central Java city of Yogyakarta from the Anti-Colonial Movement (Ganja) held a protest action in the Jl. Malioboro area on Thursday January 27. During the action, they called to the Home Affairs Minister to fulfill the 11 recommendations made by the Papuan People's Council (MRP).

"Papua has been given special autonomy since 2001, yet the central government has never implemented it and violates it itself. The MRP, which represents an independent council of indigenous Papuans has made 11 recommendations, including among others free education and welfare improvements, however this has not been fulfilled by the Home Affairs Minister", explained action coordinator Leczhy Degey during a break in the action.

Leczhy said that the special autonomy provided by the central government has failed to be implemented because it has been manipulated by the central government itself. Ganja is calling on the central government to respond to and implement the MRP's recommendations and is asking the central government to provide the broadest possible democracy to the Papuan people.

"We ask that the Papuan governor, the West Papua governor, the Papua and West Papua DPRD (Regional House of Representatives), and all regents and mayors throughout Papua put an end to policies that don't side with the interests of indigenous Papuan people", he asserted.

The action, which continued for around one hour, proceeded peacefully under security by the Yogyakarta municipal tactical police unit. After giving speeches, the demonstrators disbanded in an orderly manner. (Den)

[Translated by James Balowski.]

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