24 August 2011


On Saturday 20 August 2011

Peoples from several villages in Mamosalato and Bungku Utara sub district did protest action against Medco Energy, which  involve youth and students in the action, the so-called of this protest action is Student Alliance and Care for the People of North Bungku and Mamosalato with demands: The fulfillment of the rights of the community since the company (Medco)  manage oil and gas in this region, such as fund for Community y Development (CD), Local Workforce Empowerment and Educational Fund.

This action was followed by hundreds of peoples by taking the route from the village of Kolo Bawah in Mamosalato sub district towards the oil refinery in Tiaka which belongs to PT Medco Energy. Initially this action is safe to walk because the target of an action does not exist at all the security forces so that the protesters just doing speeches and requested to the PT Medco to engage in dialogue with the manager of PT Medco, the staff just said that their Manager is not in the area but in Jakarta. Because the public disappointed, they dismantle Security Postal and holding a company-owned Speed BOAD.

Felt safe protesters then return to the action start-point in Kolo Bawah to mobilize the masses. Around 16:00 in the afternoon, the mass moving back to Tiaka but they did not get docked because the area has been closely guarded by security forces. On the time goes by, protesters trying to negotiate with the security forces through HT (walkie talkie). Protesters asked for fuel to the company because the fuel they use on the Speed boat is up. So that security officers instructed the people to move closer, and promise that later in Tiaka the boat to be refueled. In addition security forces also said that in Tiaka already existing Directors and Commissioners of PT Medco. But this is ignored by the protesters because it is considered dishonest. So the protesters decided to return to Kolo Bawah. But on the way home people were shot by police officers, but no one victim.

On 21 August, people consolidated for further action.

Action in Monday August 22, 2011 is the continuation of the previous action. Mass amounted to 100 peoples returned to action in Tiaka and burning down LNG tank that belongs to PT Medco because company did not respond to the action. After performing the protest action, they returned to Kolo Bawah but about 500 meters were being pursued by security forces using speed boat. In this incident one person was shot down and immediately evacuated to Kolo Bawah. 
In this action there is a ship owned by the mass that ran out of fuel so that other ship (including transporting the victim) trying to find fuel in Kolo Bawah. But when the ship came to bring the fuel instead of the ship was fired upon by the authorities so that the ship carrying the fuel decided to retreat.
In this incident six people were killed injured one died in location named Ateng and other died in Luwuk hospital named Yurifin.

23/08/2011 13:30 pm

5 peoples who have been victims of police shootings in Tiaka in critical condition are being referred to Palu city to get medical help. They are referred to Palu as the hospital in Luwuk not able to handle it. While the field coordinator of action in reference to Makassar.  This time, the navy forces have been there to under control the area with 2 naval ships.

What we needed to clear up from this incident that occurrence of mass destruction by Medco facilities in Tiaka area due to violence and shootings are committed by security forces, especially police oficers. In addition, people did not hostage to the police, but only a speed boat owned by company.  The burning of security post done on the second wave of action after the public was disappointed because the PT. Medco reneged on his promise to meet with them.

So that the 'riot' here only engineered by the police which clearly they are the source of anger for being repressive and shoot the people who were being demonstrated .

Chronology is made by WALHI on eyewitness from the scene of the incident
Palu, 24 August 2011


Translator : Azmi Sirajudin

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