28 May 2012

Solidarity Message for the 14th Congress of PSM

Dear comrades,

First of all: congratulation and long live for your struggle for democracy and welfare in Malaysia.  

One year in the series of repression as well as democratic resurrection is a year of fight back and hope. PSM is an important component of the fight back. You had given us a good example of how the struggle of democratic rights shapes the struggle for socialism. You had inspired us by the politic of independent mass movement in every level of political struggle as a key for a kind of socialism we would like to create.

Let’s continue this common struggle, expand it to the broader horizon of the movement of rights: for the women rights and liberation, for sexual rights and emancipation, for the greener and sustainable environment, for democratic right of all people and nations. Let’s strengthen the international and regional cooperation, sharing ideas, examples, solidarity and inspiration.

Socialism in 21st century is a must. This crisis of capitalism is a fact not only manifested in political sphere but also at every single aspect of human life. We are in the difficult situation of creating a true and legitimate—supported by majority of people—alternative against capitalism. Since socialism is not a declaration, we’re obliged to create it together within the struggle against every aspect of oppression. We would like to create not only political and economic alternative against this bloody system, but also an alternative human being with all their creativity, compassion and freedom.

We are many, they are few!

Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number,
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you-
Ye are many — they are few"
(P.B Shelley)

With our deepest solidarity, long lives socialism – long lives internationalism!

Zely Ariane
Coordinator for International Affairs of People’s Liberation Party Indonesia

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