11 February 2008

Re: [Marxism] An important development on the Indonesian left

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Yes I was mixing up the Wahid and Rais liberal Islamic forces which were
critical of Suharto, and the PPP, it's been a while. But that doesn't change
the essence of my point, which was while Max could be quite correct, all the
PRD's varied tactics towards varied bourgeois forces, including how they
approached the very mildly liberalising Wahid government, have been the
occasion of unfair accusations of opportunism, so a certain benefit of the
doubt seems in order. The little indication I have of what's going on
suggests there's two sides to the political and organisational questions,
details of which don't seem to be available in English to the extent
necessary for non-specialists to make the sort of objective appraisal I
think necessary before definitive characterisations can or should be made.

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