17 May 2008

FPN Press Confrence, 13rd May 2008

FPN Press Conference, 13rd May 2008
From left to right: Tony Trianto, Secretary-General, Indonesian Students Serikat (SMI); Vivi Widyawati, Coordinator Freedom Woemn National Network (JNPM) (also a leader of PPRM); Nining Elitos, Chairperson, Indonesian Trade Union Alliance Congress(KASBI); Anwar Satro Ma'ruf, Coordinator, Workers' Demands Alliance (ABM); Resta Hutabarat (Jakarta Legal Aid Institute)

Banner reads: May 21 and June 1 2008: the People Unite! Surround and Occupy the Palace!Cancel the fuel price rises and lower prices!Capitalists, political elites, and parties that lie the people: stand aside! Its time for the people to rule!
National Liberation Front.

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