27 May 2008

Solidarity Messages from Malaysia, Canada, Philipines, Australia


The attacks carried on the KPRM only shopwd the forces of evil are always on the lookout for an awaken people , will intimidate and harrass them to plant fear in their hearts and minds. What these lunatics never learned is that people with awaken mind will never be cowed and will only strengthen their resolve to fight what they think is right.

the right term is resist, we want our comrades to know that here in the Philippines, you have comrades who support and are with you in all your undertakings Lets all unite to change this existing rotten system for a better world.

Edgar P. Bilayon
Philippine Railway workers Union

Solidaritas saya untuk kawan-kawan KPRM yang menjadi
korban penyerangan aparat dan preman di Balikpapan, 17
Mei 2008. Jangan pernah sekali mundur. Teruskan
perjuangan membebaskan rakyat miskin.
Salam perjuangan!

Muhammad Febriansyah (Ian)
Dear comrades of KPRM,

On behalf of the International Marxist Tendency, I would like to extend our message of support in solidarity with KPRM Balikpapan members who were attacked on May 17 by fascist thugs who are the extension of the ruling class in Indonesia. This attack shows that nothing fundamental has changed since the fall of Soeharto. The same military regime is still in power despite the hue and cry of the false reformists on democracy and such.

However, what is more important is that this attack actually reveals the fear of the ruling class. In 1998, they have seen the strength of the people, and they rightfully fear that. Now, with 10 years of lesson behind us, the best element of youth and workers have grown stronger in ideas and practices. Not only in Indonesia, the ruling class around the world is trembling now with fear as capitalism is entering a period of crisis and the masses have started to move.

Once again, we stand in solidarity with comrades in Balikpapan. Good luck with your mobilization to fight the increase in gas prices.

There is only one word: Fightback!

Ted Sprague

From the Democratic Socialist Perspective (Australia)
May 18, 2008

The Democratic Socialist Perspective (Australia) stands 100% in solidarity with the activists campaigning against the fuel price rises in Indonesia.

We condemn the police detention and interrogation of three Indonesian Street Buskers Union activists on May 16, and the brutal attack on the Balikpapan office of the Political Committee of the Poor (KPRM) on May 17.

We call on the Indonesian government to publicly condemn these attempts to intimidate the people and take immediate legal action against the perpetrators of the attack on the KPRM office.

We extend our solidarity to all those who mobilise on May 21 against the fuel price rises.

Yours in solidarity and struggle,

Lisa Macdonald
International Relations Committee
Democratic Socialist Perspective

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