10 May 2011

Dear Comrades,

Somyot Prueksakasemsuk is a famous thai labour activist and a leading member of the Red shirts movement. The 30th of april, he has been arrested under the crime of Lèse Majesté by the Thai police.

He is now in jail and the Thai court denied him to be out on bail.

A campaign to free him and to repeal the drastic Lèse Majesté law has been launched by Australian Red Shirts.

We think this campaign should be supported and broadcast as wild as possible.

Unfortunatly, prominent human rights organisations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch don't support thai activists who are accused of lèse Majesté crime.
This is why it is particularly important to support such initiative.

You can sign the petition online following the link : http://article112.blogspot.com/2011/02/112.html

It is both in thai and english

You can find material
--- about Somoyt following the link http://trinleychodron.wordpress.com/2011/05/02/without-freedom-humans-are-not-human-i-shall-fight-for-freedom-until-my-last-breath/
See also the article : Editor of a red shirt magazine nabbed on lèse Majesté Charge

--- about Amnesty International Thailand and HRW see the following articles posted on ESSF
Amnesty International in Thailand: Colluding with the state,
now acting like a state/
Who watch the watchmen ? HRW in Thailand

I am myself writing an article for Inprecor and IVP about the current situation in Thailand. I will send it when finished.

Please give publicity to this campaign in your networks,

In solidarity,

Danielle Sabai danielle.sabai@yahoo.fr
Asia Left Observer  http://daniellesabai1.wordpress.com
Extrême Asie  http://daniellesabai.wordpress.com

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