25 October 2011

Occupy Indonesia has started and continues

Occupy Jakarta protest say capitalism has derailed national development

Metro TV News - October 19, 2011

Occupy Jakarta Tolak Ekonomi Kapitalis - Metrotvnews.com. Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

Jakarta -- In concert with the Occupy Wall Street movement that is calling for reforms to the United States' economic policies, a similar movement has emerged in Indonesia. The Occupy Jakarta group has been holding protest actions at the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX) building on Jl. Sudirman in Jakarta.

The Occupy Jakarta group comprises university lecturers, non-government organisation activists and people working in the arts. They expressed the view that Indonesia has unknowingly been coopted by capitalist economic ideas like the US.

According to the protesters, capitalism has derailed the course of national development as mandated by the 1945 Constitution and has created sharp disparities between owners of capital and the working class or the majority of ordinary people.

The protesters also warned Indonesia to return to the [original] economic principles of Pancasila (the state ideology) that sides with the majority of people rather than domestic and foreign capitalist. Capitalism has failed to bring prosperity to the ordinary people.

The demonstrators pledged to hold daily actions in front of the JSX building. (DSY)

[Translated by James Balowski.]


Capitalism only benefits 1%, the other 99% suffer say Occupy Jakarta protesters
Liputan 6 - October 19, 2011

Demo Menentang Kapitalisme di Gedung BEJ - Liputan6.com.19/10/2011 11:57

Andri Yudhistira, Jakarta -- A number of people in the name of "Occupy Jakarta" protested in front of the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX) on Jl. Sudirman in Jakarta on October 19. The protesters said that capitalism had failed to bring prosperity to the ordinary people, and opposed the application of the capitalist system in the Indonesian economy.

"In all countries it has been demonstrated that the capitalist system only brings prosperity to a specific group of 1 percent, while the other 99 percent suffer. This is also the case in Indonesia. Capitalism has failed to bring prosperity to the ordinary people. [We must] immediately build an economic system that is humane and just for all the people of Indonesia", said Occupy Jakarta initiator Bob Sulaiman in front of the JSX building on Wednesday.

According to Sulaiman, the peaceful action was held to warn the government and the House of Representatives to put an end to the domination of the capitalist system in Indonesia that is so very harmful to the ordinary people.

The Occupy Jakarta protest offered a number of economic principles that are in line with the five principles of social justice. "There are 11 concepts, one of which was an economy that empowers and protects farmers, the traditional market and small- and medium scale enterprises from the hegemony of large companies and multinationals", explained Sulaiman.

Although there were not many demonstrators, they were closely watched over by scores of police officers from the Metro Jaya regional police. (ARI)

[Translated by James Balowski.]


Occupy Jakarta movement seeks to build movement for real change

Antara News - October 19, 2011

Puluhan orang ikuti 'Occupy Jakarta' - Antara News. Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

Jakarta -- Scores of people attended the "Occupy Jakarta" protest action on the grounds of the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX) building on Wednesday October 19. The protesters unfurled posters with messages such as such as "99 percent of society is oppressed by 1 percent of capitalism" and "oppose capitalism and neoliberalism".

"We have to open our eyes because there will not be a better future is it is in the hands of a system that is under the control of 1 percent", said one woman during a speech.

The protesters who said they were housewives, university lecturers, research and students, took turns in giving speeches. A number of employees from the JSX building also joined the demonstration so a number of protesters were wearing office clothing complete with ties.

"This movement is not the property of anyone, it belongs to all of us. Meaning we represent 99 percent of the people who are oppressed under this system, who want make changes and endeavour to convince people to begin something new, a movement of renewal aiming for a more prosperous life", said Occupy Jakarta action coordinator Sari Putri.

Andreas (45) meanwhile, one of the demonstrators who said he was an artist from a well known artistic organisation, said that the 1 percent are those who are in the position of being owners of capital and employers.

"We have seen that collusion and collaboration is happening by those in power who eventually control policies, in the interests of a handful of people for the accumulation of capital and to maintain power", said Andreas.

Other posters held up by the demonstrators read "1 percent trades in the bodies of 99 percent of women" and "1 percent makes history, 99 percent changes it".

During the action, participants voluntarily donated money to buy drinks for the demonstrators. The protesters also cleaned up their own rubbish. At 2pm they held a discussion on their program and follow-up actions. (SDP-02)

[Translated by James Balowski.]

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