8 October 2011

Solidarity for PALEA Workers' struggle in the Philippines

PALEA at SONA, Manila 2011

Long Live the struggle of anti contractualisation! 
Long live PALEA!
It has been a tremendous struggle organised by PALEA against contractualisation all these years. It has been very determining and should have been inspiring the struggle against contractualisation of all workers. We are here in Indonesia, working together with different trade union who fought against what we called outsourcing workers, which more or less similar with contractualisation here. What make it similar is the fact that the workers in Indonesia and Philippines, even workers around the world, are threatened by non permanent, precarious, insecure work and working condition. Not to mention the degradation of living standard and wage freezing which had been forced us to evermore tightened our belt. 

So, this is the time we say NO MORE; ENOUGH, and STOP! We dont need the system that impoverished and degradated the 99% of human being, to be able to enrich the 1%. We dont want this capitalism anylonger. Most people in the world have started this fight back, from Latin America, Tunisia and Egypt, to Greek, Spain and USA--the heart of the corporate capitalism.

With the struggle of PALEA workers, we extend our warmest solidarity and love, and together we will fight to end this capitalist system, and bring more life for all workers.
Dont give up, because your lose is the lost of all workers!
We will do our best to extend the informations and promote solidarity particularly to trade unions in Indonesia.

In solidarity,
People's Liberation Party of Indonesia
Zely Ariane
Coord. of International Relation

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